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It's been forever yet again since I wrote a blog post. I am absolutely beyond obsessed with magazines, fashion bloggers, reading blogs, and stalking all of my favourite bloggers on a daily basis. Yet, when it comes down to writing my own blog I loose my confidence a little. I have so many ideas for content, and so many things I'd like to write about and photograph but not having anyone to take the photos for me proves difficult sometimes, and I've not really been feeling myself the past few months since coming back from London so haven't wanted to write.

However, I read a phrase recently which I absolutely loved... 'The comeback is always stronger than the setback.' And I SO hope this is true. Recently I'm starting to feel much more like me again, and totally getting my focus back.

I never lost it, I've always known exactly what I want to do, and where I want to be, it just got put to one side whilst I found my feet again after London and saved again, to which I aim to be going back very soon fingers crossed! The past year of my life has taught me a lot of painful lessons, you never know what's around corner, good or bad, and you can never take anything or anyone for granted. I don't agree with this next sentence fully, but we do control our own destiny to some extent and its time I got creative and confident again! So here goes...!

Enough of my life story and onto the main event - the outfit. Well mainly... THE BAG. Lets just talk about this beautiful bag that unexpectedly made its way into my wardrobe. I had some savings for a holiday this summer that didn't end up happening, so what better way to spend the money then on a Mulberry...? 

Me and my Mum went to York for a day out, and I wanted to go in the Mulberry shop to admire the beautiful bags from afar, (never did I ever dream I'd be walking out with one) but there it was. Just looking at me... with its beautiful Oxblood leather lambskin texture and perfect golden chain... I tried it on out of curiosity and because I was so drawn to it, but it was love at first sight. I didn't want to take it off. I'd gone into the shop wanting to look at Mulberry Lily's (which I do wish to own one, one day as they are such a classic bag...) and walked out with the beautiful Winsley. I absolutely LOVE the colour of it, the texture is amazing and the chain is perfect for me as all I mainly wear is gold, and I like that the chain isn't a bright brassy gold, its more of a dull molten colour. The chain also doubles up so it can be worn on the shoulder, but I prefer it long on one shoulder or across the body. 

If it wasn't for my Mum's persuasion and encouragement I probably wouldn't have bought it, as its the most I've ever spent on an item, (and I definitely had hot sweats when I was at the till paying) but I see this as a complete investment piece. And cost per wear makes it sooo worthwhile. I don't think I'll ever get bored of wearing it as it's timeless and definitely a love forever piece. I cannot tell you how excited I was walking out of the shop with it.

I finally own a really special bag, and for an absolute accessory and handbag addict this is a big deal.

I've always dreamt of having a designer bag collection, I could tell you the names of all sorts of designer bags, as accessories are my absolute favourite things in the world. Maybe this might be the start of that amazing collection I have always coveted... One can dream anyway! :)

As for the rest of the outfit, its quite basic (and all quite old), but I have photographed my shoes though, as they were an absolute BARGAIN. You know when you've looked at something all summer, and it sells out everywhere in your size, then you come across one pair and they've gone down in the sale... this is what happened with these little Topshop gems. Although I do feel a bit like a school girl in them and as though I should have pigtails in my hair! They are definitely not my usual style of shoe, but I quite liked these for a little change from sandals and sliders, plus they are gingham which has literally been EVERYWHERE, and if you don't know what gingham is (Sam I'm looking at you...) then were have you been hiding this Summer?!

PS. The last photo I took when I wore my bag to my cousins wedding recently, but how beautifully does it compliment and tone with the nude caramel shoes?

Sophie x 

The Shoe of the Season.

Gingham Floral mules - New Look 
Knotted Tan Leather mules - Zara 
Dusky Pink Leather mules - Topshop 
Fringed Leather Mustard mules - Topshop 
Black Pearl Slipper mules - Kurt Geiger 
Gold Metallic mules - Public Desire
Mint Green mules - Mango
Pointed Pink Leather mules - Topshop  

The shoe of the season is without a doubt Mules, they are literally EVERYWHERE right now! From high end to mega affordable, everyone can get in on a slice of the marvellous mule action. I have noticed in a lot of the shops that Spring pastel coloured mules seem to be the cream of the crop, with different shades of pink pretty much everywhere. But that's not to say classic black isn't just as stylish, or maybe a lustrous metallic is more your thing...?

There are also a lot of patterned ones, with beautiful embroidery on. The Gucci effect is still a strong influencer on the current seasonal trends with embroidery and flowers.

There are so many variations on the mule, from block heeled, slipper style, flats and statement, there really is a mule out there for everyone!

I'm not going to lie it was soooo hard to whittle the selection down to the few that I have shown as there are mules for all occasions on every website, and now I just want to own all of them to be honest...

I also need to mention my two absolute bargain pairs of Mules I picked up recently in the pictures at the top. The dusky pink ones are from non other than Primark and at the cost of £10 I am tempted to buy them in the other colours too as I know I'm going to be living in those shoes all Summer as they will literally go with anything, and will bring a welcome pop of summer colour to my outfits.

And the pointed suede nude/black dreamy Chanel dupes were from my favourite shop in the world -  ZARA. And they were reduced from £39.99 to £12.99 in the sale. I've only ever seen these shoes that one day and it was in a London Zara. I never even noticed them on the Zara website, so I do feel like I picked up an amazing purchase with those ones, and I walked out the shop feeling very smug and pleased with myself! haha. I also for one, never ever thought I'd be embracing a kitten heel... I'm not sure what's happening to me, maybe this is what happens when your not in your early 20's anymore, but I quite like this sophisticated shoe that has made its way into my collection.

I think for the perfect Spring/Summer shoe (that's not a sandal) the mule is without a doubt IT. Comfy... check? Go with pretty much everything...? Check. Don't have to break the bank to get in on the trend... Check. Effortlessly chic...? Check!

PS. Please also ignore my slightly patchy tan, it was almost time for my weekly ridiculously long, soak and scrub off all my tan so my skin is red raw, to then start again with fresh tan bath... Tanned life aint easy.

Sophie x
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