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Embroidered Bags.

1. Topshop velvet bag 
2. Whistles clutch bag
4. Missguided backpack 
5. ASOS Leather clutch 
6. River Island drawstring bucket bag
7. Topshop leather studded bag

So, a trend I have noticed that keeps popping up everywhere this season is embroidered bags! And how lovely are they? I have my eyes firmly on the little velvet Topshop number, as I think it would look amazing with either a plain black outfit, or my leopard print jacket, and who says you can't pattern clash? Those rules are long gone.

I have already dipped into this trend, with my beautiful Zara bag pictured above. Its studded, leather, black, big enough to carry all my stuff in, has an across the body strap, and has beautiful embroidery on it. Need I go on?

Actually I will, as another big selling point on this one for me also was the zip. Strange but, the reason I was lead in the direction of a zipped bag being a must was because I had an incident on the tube - No I didn't get pick pocketed (this was also a fear though) but a big massive 'Sophie panics too much' incident occurred, where my bucket bag tipped up, everything fell out, I flapped about like usual and the poor man in front of me had to help me pick up all my belongings quickly whilst people were rushing by, all before I got to the bottom of the escalator and got crushed, there was hand cream, my purse, eyeliner and mascara everywhere. It made me so flustered!

This led me to go home and conduct an extensive search online everywhere possible for a secure bag. I ordered two from Topshop and when they arrived I didn't like them. I went into so many different shops and found nothing that I liked enough to buy, then when I went to Harrods at Christmas to see all of the pretty lights and have a little trip to the Ice Cream parlour (I totally recommend going here by the way, it was expensive but a delicious treat), I saw this in the Zara next door. And it was truly LOVE at first sight. Now she comes everywhere with me. And the best thing about it is I've never seen it again in another Zara or online, which I love as it means it isn't everywhere.

Embroidered bags are playful, and the perfect transitional accessory for now whilst it's still cold and gloomy they perk up an outfit and add some interest, and come Summer they will be perfect with little holiday dresses and denim.

I have listed and linked above some of the ones I have found online on the high street, all at various prices, but I'm hoping I have listed something for everyone! And of course, at the end I have shown a picture of the most beautiful bag from the Gucci SS17 Cruise collection. The bags in this collection are UNREAL. One can dream eh...?!

And for the creatives ones amongst you, why not purchase a plain black bag from Primark or New Look etc, and buy some iron on embroidered transfers from Ebay or a haberdashery shop and create your own? You can play around with different sized flowers like the Whistles one, or have big bold flowers like the Pretty Little Thing one. Plus, its such a nice feeling creating and making something yourself that is completely unique, and when people ask where you got it from, you can say you DIY'd it yourself.

Sophie x

Leopard Loving.

Jacket - Zara (Sold out now, but see very very similar here
Slogan tee - Missguided 
Coin necklace - Monica Vinader 

It's been a while since I wrote on my blog... almost a whole year in fact. A lot has happened in the last year of my life, quite life changing things, and I lost myself a little bit along the way.
My passion was always still there, and I've always still been very focused on my goals, however things happened and changed, and I massively lost my confidence, which resulted in me not wanting to do my blog and talk about the things I love, and not wanting to design and make my bags anymore. So I sold my camera, and put all my energy into moving to London. My life long dream!

I now have a brand spanking new camera, and have lots and lots of new creative ideas, and a fresher outlook on life. 

I have sat and thought about what kind of content I want to write about on my blog, then sat and worried about why I was overthinking it (as I'm not even sure anyone reads it anyway apart from my friends and family!) haha. (and I'm a total over thinker and worrier) However, I have just decided to roll with it, and talk about anything and everything fashion-y related that pops into my mind. The internet is saturated with fashion and beauty blogs, so mine isn't going to be anything ground breaking, however if it happens to inspire anyone along the way, I will be extremely happy. 

I've always thought of myself as quite a savvy shopper, however since living in London (and the months of saving before I moved) I have had to curb my shopping addiction massively, (sob sob sob the reality of London rent...) So most of my outfits and things I post will probably be a mixture of old, some very old, and some verrryy old items, with a sprinkling of new pieces along the way. I like to think I have however, become even more of a thrifty shopper now, and I must say I have picked up some bloody brilliant bargains in recent months. Hello ZARA SALE. 

I thought I'd have a little play around with my new camera the other day, and see how the photos come out, and I was so pleased with them! So I have decided to use these ones for my first post. I have taken quite a few pictures, for various posts, so I'm excited to see if anyone reads them and enjoys the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

Now to the main event... THIS ABSOLUTE DREAM OF A JACKET. 

I first clapped my eyes on this jacket around August/September in Zara in Hull, it then sold out. And then sold out online. It sadly wasn't meant to be. I then popped into a Zara in London and low and behold my prayers had been answered and there was one left! I snapped it up before the little reasonable voice in my head told me not to, and reminded me that I had sensible things to pay for. 

I then excitedly rang my mum when I got home to tell her I finally had my hands on the jacket of my dreams, to which she then told me I had spoilt my Christmas present once again as she had already bought me it when I very first saw it! (My mum is very good at doing this the sneaky little thing) So, even though this then meant I had to wait three months until Christmas, it was well worth the wait. 

It literally transforms a plain outfit into one that makes a statement and a bold impact. This is definitely my new closet hero piece, and will see me right through to the summer months. Although due to the cropped length it is a little cold to be wearing it regularly now, it looks great with a big fur scarf for evenings out, or days where I want to look a little smarter. 

I have always loved leopard print, but I find with some leopard patterns they can look cheap, and a bit Bet Lynch off Corrie! But Zara have once again pulled it out the bag with their prints and coats this season. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a splash of leopard print in their wardrobes, it's a classic item that never dates or goes out of style, and the fact this one has gold hardware makes it appeal to me all the more. 

The top is a little number I picked up from Missguided a couple of weeks ago. I have been after a slogan tee for a while as they are so easy to wear and style up, and was really pleased when the Missguided store in Stratford Westfield had this one in stock! The actual Missguided shop is like stepping into one giant marshmallow... its VERY PINK
Missguided isn't my go to online shop, as some of the things are a bit out there for me, and not to my style, but it's definitely a contender for when I have a particular item in mind, I know the chances are I will be able to find it on there for a very reasonable price! 

And lets just quickly talk about my necklace... it's no secret I am OBSESSED with jewellery and accessories, and my jewellery wishes came true at Christmas when I was surprised with the Monica Vinader necklace I had been lusting after for months! I've never taken it off since, nor do I plan too, as this is the perfect everyday necklace, that I can easily take from day to night.  

I appreciate this post is longggg... so if your still reading it now, thank you :)  

Sophie x

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